Business Expansion | Agile environmental protection group holding Shanghai canzhou environmental engineering co. LTD

    On September 28, 2016, agile environmental protection group and Shanghai canzhou environmental engineering co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai canzhou environment) signed a capital increase cooperation agreement in the VIP conference room on the 38th floor of agile center, and agile environmental protection group became its controlling shareholder.

    Li xuejun, President of acculentai environmental protection group and assistant chairman of holding company, wang zhe, vice President of environmental protection group, tang feng, general manager of investment development department of environmental protection group, Shanghai canzhou environmental control shareholders and management team attended the signing ceremony.

    Founded in 2006, Shanghai canzhou environmental protection co., ltd. is a top enterprise in the domestic environmental protection industry equipment manufacturing. It has fully involved in the design, construction, operation and technical services of environmental protection projects, and owns the first-class core technology and intellectual property rights of incinerators in the industry.Shanghai downtown state environment at the core of the team, once involved in domestic trademark living garbage incineration power generation project, construction and operation of medical waste incineration projects and, on this basis, the Shanghai downtown state environment design of waste incineration installation type, fully absorbed the advantages of various types of incinerators, compared with domestic similar products, has a more stable, more energy saving and environmental protection outstanding advantages.

    Shanghai canzhou environmental protection co., ltd. is also the earliest enterprise engaged in hazardous waste and sludge incineration disposal in China, with rich engineering experience and high reputation in the industry.The yantai xinguang green ring incineration system built by Shanghai canzhou environment in EPC mode, with a daily processing capacity of 100 tons, is the largest domestic incinerator that has been put into production, and its operation parameters have reached the international advanced level, attracting much attention in the industry.In addition, Shanghai canzhou environment has customers in Shanghai, anhui, zhejiang and shandong, and has a large number of potential contract orders.

    Shimmering state holding Shanghai environment, for the environmental protection group layout the whole industry chain has important strategic significance, shimmering state environment will be the future Shanghai is not only the equipment manufacturers and service providers, independent operation and environmental protection group, research and development center and engineering center, will help group forming technology research and development, environmental protection equipment manufacturing, project design, project construction, project operation, technical service, environmental protection service pattern of the whole industrial chain.



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