Ecological Remediation

With the view of strategic perspective and long-term plan, based on systematic and comprehensive solutions and technical means, the group is to remediate polluted places and rebuild a harmonious natural ecological system.


Water Environment Remediation
Remediation of Soil Environment
Mine Rehabilitation

Water environment remediation features large quantity,extensive coverage and complicated situation. With the principle of “unified planning,implement by step,tackling the problem,treatment and management simultaneously”, based on exclusive water activation technology, the group aims to completely remediate and rebuild water environment.

Urban Black And Odorous Water Body Treatment

Urban black and odorous water body is one of the common aquatic pollution,which is mainly caused by the lack of oxygen and rich nutrition. The treatment focuses on improving urban ecological environment and the image in many cities. The group has rich experience and mature core technology in the area.

Agile Environmental Protection Group's treatment take it as the core to control the internal and external pollution sources by ending sewage flow to cut external sources; by desilting and sludge treatment to remove internal sources. Based on that, utilizing the unique water-activated microbial technique to remediate aquatic ecology and afforest the environment at lakeshore or river course.

Treatment process


Core technology of black and odorous water remediation: water microbial activation system

Technological advantage:

1. Adopting bypass water treatment technology instead of the traditional water purification by activating water microorganisms to replace the traditional finite bioreactor with water, expanding the microbial growth space.

2. Giving full play to strong decomposition of a large number of microbial breeding to water pollutants (C, N, P), improving the effective biomass and functionality of microorganisms, optimizing the water microbial ecosystem and promoting self-purification capacity of water ecosystems, achieving a stable ecological balance, realizing water purification and ecological restoration.

3. Low cost, no secondary pollution, short cycle.

Water microbial activation system


A successful case: 50,000 square meters water restoration of Foshan Darling Lake

After two weeks, the transparency can reach more than 0.5 meters.Cyanobacteria were effectively controlled and the phenomenon of black odorous water was eliminated.


Construction Of Sponge City

Sponge city is a new generation concept of urban stormwater management and a comprehensive water environment project. "On the Promotion of Sponge City Construction Guidance", issued by the State Council, stresses that remediation of black and odorous water is a breakthrough in the construction of sponge city.

Based on remediation of black and odorous water, Agile Environmental Protection Group has a complete "sponge city" construction program including water system planning, pollution control, endogenous dredging, revetment landscape, ecological restoration and so on to build a variety of "sponge city" systems, promote the city image and the living environment.


Agile Environmental Protection Group cooperated with leading domestic soil environmental research institutes to study and master all kinds of soil remediation technologies. According to the local conditions, We provide customers with the best solution to soil remediation weighing the effect and cost.

Pollution types & remediation technologies


Mine Rehabilitation of Agile Environmental Protection Group is to resurrect the abandoned mine through soil pollution remediation, sewage treatment, reconstruction and reuse of abandoned mine, vegetation restoration, landscape reconstruction and restore or rebuild an ecological system that is harmonious with local nature.


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