Core Technology


Sludge drying disposal technology

Independent research and development of the four axis hollow blade dryer, double u-shaped structure, the heat source of the independent import and transmission device has avoided the problem of the accumulation of material, the moisture content of the finished product is not uniform and evaporation gas condensation.

Harmless hazardous waste disposal—Hazardous waste incineration technology

It uses the independent research and development of the rotary kiln, and it is also equipped with tail burned equipment. In this way, it can make the residue from the rotary kiln in the push to continue burning. By adjusting grate movement and air distribution, the residue can be completely burnt out to ensure that slag heat scorching reduction rate is less than 5%; The exhaust gas treatment adopts the technology of the active coke dry gas integrated purification series. The emission not only meets the domestic standards, but also meets the EU standard of EU2000/76/ EC.

Black and odorous water body treatment technology

By activating water microbes, microbial activation water system uses water itself instead of the traditional and limited bioreactor to extend microbial growth space, improve the microbial and function, promote water self-purification ability to recover the ecosystem, and realize water purification and ecological restoration.

Low temperature waste heat recovery generation

Through the recovery of boiler temperature that is lower than 500 ~ 550 ℃ in excess steam to generate power with ow pressure and low grade heat. And in the process of burning, redundant  low-grade heat energy will be transformed into energy—electrical energy; With the effective integration of its own solid waste incineration disposal system, it could successfully realized the waste heat recovery power generation.

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