Group Introduction
Group profile


Agile Environmental Protection Group, established in 2015, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Agile Group Holdings Limited. The Group has 1 billion yuan of registered capital.

As the leading investor and operator in environmental services, the Group focuses on four fields of eco-industrial park、solid waste treatment、environmental remediation and water, including hazardous waste treatment, domestic waste treatment, kitchen waste treatment, sludge treatment, soil environment remediation, water environment remediation, sewage treatment, water supply, investment in the construction and operation of eco-industrial park etc.. At present,the projects of the Group are operating in the regions of eastern China, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei economy zone, Southern China, Central China, Shandong, Guangxi Province, Western China and Hainan province, with the aim of providing a platform-level solution and comprehensive services for the environment of cities and towns systematically.

Group Strategy

Focusing on the four business areas of eco-industrial park, solid waste treatment, intelligent water supply and environmental restoration, the company has laid out layout, focused on key areas and developed gradually.


Group Vision

Beautiful Homeland, Better Life

Our homeland is no longer the environment that has no pollution. There is shrouded haze, besieged waste, crossed sewage and so on.
Only to purify the water, land and atmosphere in our living environment and to make our homeland clean and beautiful, can we live a happy life.
Agile Environmental Protection Group is committed to constructing beautiful homeland for millions of people and restoring a green environment bestowed originally by nature. Let everyone can live in a poetic environment and enjoy a happy life.

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