Solid Waste Treatment

Agile Environmental Protection Group has all kinds of mature technologies in solid waste disposal (such as landfill, incineration etc.). Meanwhile, the largest incineration system in the country has been completed and put into operation by the group in possession of first-class waste incinerating facilities,systems,core process,technique and property rights.

Agile Environmental Protection Group has been doing in-depth studies in plasma gasification, biological recycling as well in order to achieve safely disposal and recycling beyond traditional techniques through international cooperation.


Hazardous Waste Treatment
Domestic Garbage Treatment
Sludge Disposal
Recycling of Kitchen Waste

In the field of solid waste, we have paid particular attention to hazardous waste treatment and have merged qualified companies that are capable of disposing vast majority of hazardous waste. The total scale of disposal of our group has reached to over 1.4 million tons per year by September 2017.

Core process of hazardous waste treatment


Core technology

The group possesses the industry-leading incineration techniques that have reached to international advanced level and characterized by further stability, energy conservation and environment-friendly aspects compared with domestic techniques.

Incineration has always been applied to handling domestic garbage, which is able to fully treat all waste and cycle cogenerate by heating, pyrolysis and incinerating. As a result, utilization of resources is maximized and the pollutant emissions is minimized,which helps to build the resource-economical and environment-friendly society.

Profile of domestic waste incineration plant


The group adopted“concentration-slaking-dehydration-sanitary landfill or incineration” as the main way of sludge disposal. Meanwhile some other recycled ways are also taken into account, such as compost, land utilization and so forth. The group’s drying-incinerating techniques have advantages of waste minimization and harmlessness, etc.

Incineration technology


Re-utilization and recycling of Kitchen Waste was achieved by the group with the assistant of advanced biological treatment technology. On this basis, the waste was made into biodiesel,ecological feed,organic fertilizer and so forth,which can benefit economy, society and environment.

Flow chart of Re-utilization of Kitchen Waste

Flow-chart-of-Re-utilization-of-Kitchen Waste_03.png

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