Career Development

Promoting System



Training System

New employee training:promote new employees' integration

Training for new employees

Training for AFEE (10-15 days)

Enterprise culture development activities(root-finding tour)

General skills training:improving work efficiency

Daily office operation training(OA system operation training, meeting room booking operation, flight reservation)
Communication skills training
Etiquette training

Professional skills training:upgrading professional skills

Human resources and administration department:recruitment and interview skills, file management special business training, internal trainer training;
Finance department:financing m&a training, industrial fund scheme, individual financing business promotion meeting;
Brand department:news writing training, photography training;
Investment and development department:project management training;
Solid waste department:hazardous waste receiving process, legal and regulatory training (investment and m&a legal research of hazardous waste disposal enterprises);
Water department:basic knowledge of sewage treatment;
Technical department:incineration system technical training, materialized sewage treatment training, pumping collection technical training;

Leadership training:forging management talent

General + plan
General plan
Beams plan


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