R&D Institution


Technical innovation is the support and guarantee for sustainable development of Agile Environmental Protection Group. Agile Environmental Protection Group attaches great importance to technology development. In its inception, the Group has planned a relatively perfect R&D management system to introduce and train innovative talents, to innovate and research organization management, to innovate technology and institutionalize management , and to make a technical information platform management. At present, Agile Environmental Protection Group has already had the top equipment research and development enterprise, that is the top EPC contractor enterprise—Shanghai Canzhou Environmental Engineering Co.,Ltd. What’s more, the research and development centers and labs of solid waste treatment, waste treatment, environmental restoration, biomass energy recycling and other fields are also being established one after another .

Meanwhile, Agile Environmental Protection Group and Tongji University signed an agreement, jointly promote environmental protection in China, points are as below:

● Recruitment of a team of experts and the leaders of international-level research and academic study.

● Establishing "Agile Tongji Environmental Protection Research Institute" to promote the development and transformation of new technology.

● Jointly researching strategic planning and holding the Clear Water Bay Environmental Protection Forum.

● Setting up a supporting program to sponsor Tongji University academic journals and support discipline construction.

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