Smart Water Service

The water service of Agile Environmental Protection Group includes water supply, domestic sewage treatment and industrial wastewater disposal. In Guangdong, Shandong, Hainan, Yunnan and other places, Agile Environmental Protection Group has a number of water plants and sewage treatment plants providing a pure, cleaner, safer solution for tap water, municipal water, urban sewage and industrial wastewater disposal. Let the water of life be clean and pure.


Water Plant
Wastewater Treatment Plant

Agile Environmental Protection Group provides comprehensive services of professional construction projects and operation management through the model of EPC and PPP for urban water supply and safe &clean drinking water for urban and rural residents.


With the advanced and reliable technical proposal , Agile Environmental Protection Group provides comprehensive services of construction, operation and improvement project of standards upgrading for urban wastewater treatment and system solutions for industrial wastewater treatment which can achieve the goals of reaching wastewater discharged  standard and  zero emission on the basis of the sufficient consideration of economic efficiency.


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