Business Expansion | Agile environmental protection group holding qinhuangdao sanyi environmental protection technology development co. LTD

    On September 12, 2016, agile environmental protection group and qinhuangdao sanyi environmental protection technology development co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as qinhuangdao sanyi) signed an equity transfer agreement in qinhuangdao, and agile environmental protection group became its controlling shareholder.

    The signing ceremony was attended by li xuejun, President of acculentai environmental protection group and assistant chairman of the holding company, tang feng, general manager of investment development department of environmental protection group, all shareholders and legal persons of qinhuangdao sanyi.

    Qinhuangdao sanyi is located in the changli industrial park in the west of qinhuangdao. It is one of the only two companies with comprehensive hazardous waste treatment qualification in qinhuangdao.The company's main projects include the development and promotion of environmental protection and energy-saving technologies;Treatment of solid hazardous substances;Comprehensive utilization of waste resources.

    Three as a key project in our caravan left changli county, qinhuangdao has incomparable regional advantages, has good prospects for development, the industrial area is all industrial zone of qinhuangdao perimeter tangshan, tianjin, Beijing, a recent will host in the future beijing-tianjin-hebei, link bohai sea area the huge demand for waste collection, processing.

    Holding qinhuangdao sanyi is not only an important layout of the environmental protection group in the bohai economic circle, but also another key fall of the environmental protection group in the national layout.The project will complement the group's other projects in Beijing, tianjin and hebei, helping the group to accelerate its growth in the near future.


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