Business Expansion | Agile environmental protection group has invested in shenzhen longgang dongjiang industrial waste disposal co., LTD

    On January 30, Beijing time, agile environmental protection group and shenzhen longgang dongjiang industrial waste disposal co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "longgang dongjiang") signed a cooperation agreement, obtaining 33% of the shares of longgang dongjiang.

    Longgang dongjiang is located in dazhiwo, nianfeng village, pingdi street, longgang district, shenzhen city. The factory covers a total area of 145,283 square meters (about 218 mu). It is the licensed industrial hazardous waste treatment base of shenzhen city and one of the only two enterprises with safe landfill site in shenzhen city.The factory has landfill, material-chemical treatment workshop, stabilization/solidification workshop and other main projects, as well as sewage treatment workshop, temporary storage system of collection and transportation, water supply and drainage, ecological protection and other supporting facilities.

    The total treatment scale of dongjiang hazardous waste in longgang is 24,050 tons/year, including 21,750 tons/year of safe landfill and 2,300 tons/year of material-chemical disposal, and the addition of 15,700 tons/year of sludge reduction equipment, 18,700 tons/year of material-chemical disposal scale, 100,000 tons/year of hazardous waste transfer qualification and 9,000 tons/year of plasma furnace equipment.Among them, the plasma furnace equipment USES the international leading plasma technology, has no dioxins, effective conversion incineration fly ash and other prominent advantages, after the completion of the equipment, longgang dongjiang will become one of the earliest environmental protection enterprises to use this technology.


    Shenzhen, China's most dynamic super first-tier city, is also the forefront of hazardous waste disposal. The pearl river delta industrial cluster where shenzhen is located produces a huge amount of hazardous waste every year.This entry of agile environmental protection group into shenzhen is of great significance for opening up hazardous waste markets in shenzhen, the pearl river delta and eastern guangdong, and is conducive to further improving and strengthening the layout of agile environmental protection group in southern China.

    This investment in dongjiang longgang is the first time that agile environmental protection group has cooperated with dongjiang environmental protection group, the leader of hazardous waste industry, providing a good start for the future cooperation between the two sides and a good reference for agile environmental protection group in project operation.In today's environment protection industry, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, this combination of strong and strong reflects the open and win-win foreign cooperation strategy of agile environmental protection group, and plays a significant role in promoting the benign development of hazardous waste disposal industry.

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