Business Expansion | Agile environmental protection group signed a contract to hold hunan bangyuan environmental protection technology co., LTD

    On July 21, Beijing time, agile environmental protection group and hunan bangyuan environmental protection technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "hunan bangyuan") signed a cooperation agreement in guangzhou agile center, obtaining 55% of the shares of hunan bangyuan and becoming the controlling shareholder.



    Hunan state source belongs to comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste recycling project (hereinafter referred to as the "project") is located in chenzhou city yongxing county circular economy demonstration garden taihe central comprehensive recycling industrial park, the total area of about 400 acres, is one of the largest industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization of resource in hunan province, has been listed as a national "urban mining" demonstration base construction project and during the period of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" key industrial resources comprehensive utilization project.The total processing scale of the project is 260,000 tons/year, mainly engaged in the recycling and utilization of waste residue of non-ferrous metal smelting in the licensed operation, and the external sale of valuable metals extracted from waste residue (main products are electric lead, electric copper, silver ingots, gold ingots, etc.).



    In nanling metallogenic belt in chenzhou, enjoy "the world museum of non-ferrous metals" reputation, non-ferrous metal reserves accounted for two-thirds of the total reserves in hunan province, multiple non-ferrous metal reserves, first in the country of non-ferrous metals industry developed, in 2016, as many as 184 the city non-ferrous metal enterprises, output value over 100 billion yuan, according to the plan in 2020 will exceed 200 billion yuan, in 2016 the national nonferrous metals industry main business income is 6 trillion yuan.Although the non-ferrous metal industry production value is huge, but there are still not fully use of part of the production process, the project of non-ferrous metal production in chenzhou and even the whole country produce dust and sludge in the process of waste recycling use contains a huge market and business opportunities, to raise the utilization ratio of the scarce resources of nonferrous metals, reduce environmental pollution, and protect the ecological environment is of great significance, is advantageous to the construction of resource saving and environment friendly society.

    The holding of hunan bangyuan is the first time that agile environmental protection group enters hunan, a large central province, and further expands and improves the business territory of agile environmental protection group.As the largest comprehensive utilization project handled by agile environmental protection group, hunan bangyuan is a milestone for agile environmental protection group to expand its comprehensive utilization business, especially for non-ferrous metals.

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