Business Expansion | Agile environmental protection group set up another project in hubei

    On November 29, Beijing time, agile environmental protection group, jinyuan environmental protection co., LTD., qianjiang dongyuan shenlan environmental protection technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "dongyuan shenlan") signed an equity transfer agreement in guangzhou agile center, acquiring 79% of dongyuan shenlan's equity and becoming the controlling shareholder.


Signing ceremony site


    East garden deep blue is located in qianjiang, hubei province economic development zone, covers an area of about 98 acres, is a large-scale comprehensive waste disposal enterprises and hazardous waste disposal center qianjiang city planning, industrial waste disposal of the scale of 80000 tons/year, of which: incineration disposal of 60000 tons/year, physical and chemical treatment of 20000 tons/year, waste disposal category covers 29 kinds of national dangerous waste list, is the second largest comprehensive waste disposal units, hubei province project main business include: environmental protection of new products, new technology development, promotion and application;Hazardous waste treatment services (excluding nuclear waste);Control of industrial waste water, urban noise and industrial noise;Sales of chemical products (excluding hazardous chemicals);Manufacture and sale of special equipment for environmental protection.


    Qianjiang is a county-level city directly administered by hubei province. There are three provincial-level economic development zones in the city. The industry is developed and the growth rate is rapid.At the same time, qianjiang city is also a member of wuhan city circle. It is adjacent to jingmen city, jingzhou city, tianmen city and xiantao city.Dongyuan shenlan has broad market prospects and development space.


    This time, dongyuan shenlan, together with other subordinate enterprises of agile environmental protection group in hubei, will help the group further open the hubei market, form scale effect and synergy effect in the province, enhance the group's market competitiveness, and consolidate the development and layout of the group in central China.


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