Business Expansion | Agile environmental protection group holds the majority share of Hunan Huiming environmental protection energy co., LTD

    On May 31, agile environmental protection group has signed an equity transfer agreement with Hunan Huiming environmental protection and energy co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Hunan Huiming"), acquiring 90% of the equity of Hunan Huiming and becoming the major shareholder.

    Huiming, located in Chenzhou, Hunan Province, is the only residential waste incineration and power generation project in Chenzhou that has been put into operation.The project covers an area of 80 mu, with a total disposal capacity of 1,250 tons/day, equipped with 30MW generating units, covering Chenzhou urban area, Yizhang county and Yongxing county, serving a population of 2.01 million.

Signing ceremony site

    Located in the southeast of Hunan province, Chenzhou is the "south gate" for Hunan to dock with Guangdong province, Hong Kong and Macao.With 4.74 million residents, the region outputs garbage over 3,000 tons daily, and the annual growth rate is 5% to 8%, facing the dilemma that the city is surrounded by garbage.Under the increasingly severe situation of "waste siege", waste incineration and power generation, as the best way to deal with household waste by "reduction, harmless and resource utilization", has received great attention and attention from the government and great policy support.On the other hand, chenzhou currently USES landfill as its main waste disposal mode. As the only household waste incineration and power generation project in chenzhou, huiming in hunan province has broad development space.


Signing ceremony site

    Holding the majority share of Hunan Huiming is the first domestic waste incineration power generation project of agile environmental protection group in the central China market, which improves the overall market competitiveness of the central China region.The signing of this project expands the market share of agile environmental protection group in the domestic waste incineration business, and is of great significance to the diversified development and overall leading of agile environmental protection group's solid waste business.

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