Business Expansion|Agile Environmental protection group holds the majority share of Ji'An Chuangcheng Environmental Conservation Technology co.,LTD

On September 19, Agile Environmental protection group and Kangda Huibao Renewable Resources co.,ltd. has signed an equity transfer agreement,and therefore has obtained 60% of the share of ji'an chuangcheng environmental protection technology co.,LTD.(hereinafter referred to as "JECT") and has became its major shareholder.


Signing ceremony

JECT is a part of  ji'an municipal hazardous waste disposal center project,which is located in jinggangshan economic and technological development zone and covers an area of 350000  square meter.It is the only centralized hazardous waste disposal center in ji'an and highly valued by jiangxi province and ji'an municipal government.35 categories of waste treatment can be carried out in the project with the capacity of 350,000 tons/year, among which  280,000 tons/year of waste comprehensive utilization (including e-waste,waste etching liquid, heavy metal sludge,acid and alkali waste liquid, waste organic solvent),12,000 tons/year of hazardous waste incineration of 13,000 tons/year of physicochemical and of 45,000 tons/year of hazardous waste landfilling. The project has a safe landfill with the capacity of 2 million square meters and can serve for 66 years.


In recent years, the industry development has been the key strategy of Ji'An’s regional development.The growth rate of scale industrial contribution is ranked as the top three in the province for six consecutive years, among which the IT industry growth more than 10 billion yuan annually for four consecutive years.As the center of ji'an city's industrial development and the leader of ji'tai economic corridor, jinggangshan economicdevelopment zone has witnessed the rapid industrial development.There are many PCB, electronics, pharmaceutical manufacturers and fine chemical plants, etc.,of which has a significant needs of hazardous industrial wastes treatment.The construction of the hazardous waste center project will greatly improve the waste recycling process of the industry zone and the standardized procedure of hazardous waste in ji'an thereforeminimizing the environmental risks brought by the industrial development of ji'an, and improve the coordinated development of local economy, society and environment.


photo of signing

Ji'an chuangcheng is the first hazardous waste treatment project of agile environmental protection group in jiangxi province, and the fifth hazardous waste disposal project of agile environmental protection group in the central and western regions after hunan bangyuan environmental protection technology co., LTD., which is of great significance for agile environmental protection group to explore new markets and create regional synergy.Meanwhile, in jiangxi province, where landfill resources are scarce, the 2 million square meter landfill storage capacity of ji'an chuangcheng also commences a good start for agile environmental protection group to enter jiangxi province and enhances its market competitiveness.


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