Business Expansion | Agile Environmental Protection Group Took Control of Shaowu Lvyixin Environmental Protection Industry development Co.,Ltd.

On January 31st, Agile Environmental Protection Group signed a cooperation agreement with Shaowu Lvyixin Environmental Protection Industry Development Co.,Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as the “Shaowu Lvyixin”) to acquire a 55 per cent stake in it which made Agile Environmental Protection Group become the controlling shareholder.


Shaowu Lvyixin is located in Jintang Industrial District, Shaowu City, Fujian Province, whose registered capital is 100 million yuan with an area of 232 mu, and is the hazardous waste disposal project in major environmental projects of Fujian 13th Five-Year planning and Key project of prevention and control of hazardous waste pollution of Fujian Province in 2016. Shaowu Lvyixin’s total disposal scale is 60,000 tons per year including 20,000 t/a of waste organic solvent recovery, 20,000 t/a of waste mineral oil recovery and 20,000 t/a of hazardous waste incineration, and possesses a 235,000 cubic meters hazardous waste landfill whose service life is 23.5 years.


As the second environmental protection company Agile Environmental Protection Group has laid out in Fujian, Shaowu Lvyixin echoes and complements each other with Fujian Chuxin Environmental Protection Science and Technology Co.,Ltd located in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province. It is conducive to the formation of regional synergy and scale effect and can enhance the market competitiveness and influence of Agile Environmental Protection Group in Fujian and even the whole Southern China.

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