Business Expansion | Agile Environmental Protection Group Took Control of Tangshan Maochen Environmental Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.

On Februrary 10th, Agile Environmental Protection Group signed a cooperation agreement with Tangshan Maochen Environmental Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.( hereinafter referred to as the "Tangshan Maochen") to acquire a 60 per cent stake in it which made Agile Environmental Protection Group become the controlling shareholder.


Tangshan Maochen is located in Zuidong Economic Development Zone, Luannan County, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, which is a large comprehensive hazardous waste disposal and utilization company covering an area of 200 mu as well as the the 13th Five-Year key environmental protection project of Tangshan City.


Tangshan Maochen’s total disposal scale is 145,000 tons per year including 40,000 t/a of incineration, 5,000 t/a of physicochemical treatment, 40,000 t/a of landfill, 45,000 t/a of oil sludge recovery process, 7,000 t/a of discarded wrappage cleaning and 7,000 t/a of waste lead battery dismantling, and its processing categories cover the 44 major categories of national list of hazardous waste. Meanwhile, Tangshan Maochen possesses a 66,000 square meters hazardous waste landfill whose storage capacity reaches 752,900 cubic meters.


Zuidong Economic Development Zone is dominated by high pollution and high energy consumption industries, such as steel, raw materials, cement, chemical, mechanical, pharmaceutical, etc. Up to now, nearly 20 companies have entered the economic development zone. Additionally, Tangshan is the central city of Jing-Jin-Tang Industrial Base. So Tangshan Maochen has a wide source of hazardous waste and a clear market prospect. After it’s finished, it will undertake hazardous waste disposal business in the economic development zone and nearby areas, and help Tangshan and even Jing-Jin-Ji region build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society to promote a coordinated development of local economy and environment.


Tangshan Maochen is the fourth company that Agile Environmental Protection Group laid out in Hebei province. This acquisition has greatly enhanced the strength and scale of Agile Environmental Protection Group in hazardous waste treatment and consolidated its dominant position in Jing-Jin-Ji region.

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