Business Expansion | Agile Environmental Protection Group Took control of Jiangsu Hehe Environmental Protection Group Limited Company

Recently, Agile Environmental Protection Group took control of Jiangsu Hehe Environmental Protection Group Limited Company formally. ( hereinafter referred to as "Jiangsu Hehe"), becoming its controlling shareholder.

Jiangsu Hehe is a large-scale integrated environmental protection enterprise, which has industrial waste water and waste liquid treatment, sludge drying, landfill of hazardous waste, research and development of environmental protection equipment, construction of environmental protection engineering, installation of mechanical and electrical equipment and accessories sales. It has four wholly owned subsidiaries, one holding subsidiary and a 1,230,000 cubic meters waste landfill which has been approved and can be put into use.

The company is located in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, with a total area of 238 mu. The business scale includes 10000 tons of industrial wastewater treatment per day (including 800 tons of industrial effluent per day), treatment and utilization of 50,000 tons of sludge drying per year18,000 tons of hazardous waste incineration per year, and treatment of 1.23 million cubic meters of solid waste with safe landfill. By this June, Jiangsu Hehe has had six patents for waste incineration and sludge disposal, 37 patents for waste water treatment and 13 patents are pending now.

As China's second largest economic province, Jiangsu province produced 3.383 million tons of hazardous waste in 2016, ranking sixth in the country. In contrast, the waste disposal rate is only 46.1%, so there is a big gap in its disposal capacity.

After taking control of Jiangsu Hehe, Agile Environmental Protection Group will establish a mode of whole industry chain in the local, including industrial waste water treatment, industrial waste  (hazardous waste) treatment, sludge drying disposal and utilization and safe landfill site of hazardous waste. It will become a comprehensive disposal and utilization of hazardous waste enterprise with the maximum operation scale and quantity of the disposal of hazardous waste in the south area of Jiangsu. Thus it can add new productivity to Jiangsu's waste disposal and promote coordinated development of local economy, society and environment.

Not only that, taking control of Jiangsu Hehe will also further enhance Agile Environmental Protection Group's comprehensive strength in the field of hazardous waste. It creates a new mode of purchasing environmental protection companies, namely an overall acquisition mode of "one group, multiple projects". It is the opening shot for Agile Environmental Protection Group to move into Jiangsu province and has opened a new chapter of Agile Environmental Protection Group’s layout in the east of China and even the whole country.

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