Business Expansion | Agile Environmental Protection Group Increased Capital to Take Control of Hefei Hejia Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd.

On April 27th, 2017, Agile Environmental Protection Group signed a cooperation agreement with Hefei Hejia Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd.(herein after referred to as "Hefei Hejia ") in Hefei, and became the controlling shareholder.

Hefei Hejia is located in Feidong Circular Economy Demonstration Park. It is the country's first professional laboratory liquid waste disposal company in field of hazardous waste treatment. The total disposal capacity is 80000 tons per year, with 2 sets of advanced incineration lines, of which the general treatment capacity is 50000 tons per year.

Hefei Hejia's surrounding traffic is very convenient and it's location advantages are obvious. The supporting facilities of the project are completed in the park, where public resources such as water, electricity, steam are supplied and sewage is treated by the park, without additional infrastructure investments. Currently, Hefei Hejia project environmental assessment has been required and the land needed has also been approved completely. So the project has good construction and operation conditions.

Hefei Hejia is the third project of Agile Environmental Protection Group’s layout in east China, following Shanghai Canzhou Environmental Engineering Co.,Ltd and Anhui Anpu Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd, which has important significance to perfect Agile Environmental Protection Group's layout in east China and the whole country.

What is more important, Hefei is the national technological innovation pilot city, comprehensive national science center , as well as the capital city of Yangtze River Delta that has the most key universities. It has over 60 different kinds of colleges and universities, more than 150 key laboratories and engineering laboratories at or above the provincial and ministerial level, and over 130 engineering technology research centers at or above the provincial level.These universities and laboratories produce a great deal of laboratory liquid waste every year. Currently, there is no specific disposal mechanism for processing, so taking control of Hefei  Hejia let Agile Environmental Protection Group get ahead of others, which has occupied a blank market in advance. Undoubtedly, with the construction and operation of the project, Hefei Hejia will become a bright pearl in the business map of Agile Environmental Protection Group relying on exclusive qualification and huge market demand.

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